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Grader for Exams

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Whether you are assigned as a Grader at the Course or Event level, you will be able to access the Assignments you need to grade through the respected Course Section. This article will cover how you can view the Exams you need to Grade.

Viewing Exams that you need to Grade

Path: Course > Events > View > Grader Events and Long Events

The Gradeable Exams report will show you the Exams where you have been granted Grader status. The exams can be from the Course, Events, and Long Events. However, only Exams with text based responses will be listed in this report.

  • To access the Exam, click on the Event Name for the Exam you need to Grade.

If you have been assigned as a Grader at the Course level then you are automatically assigned as a Grader to all Events and Long Events.

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