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Sharing Small Groups Across Courses/Years

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This feature will allow Administrators to share Small Groups across different Courses or throughout different Years.  

Path: Home > [Course Screen] > People > Groups > Small Group Sets

Small Group Screen

  • Under Options, select New.

New/Edit small groups

  • After creating a name for the group, click Save Record. (1)
  • From the Small Groups screen, click on the new group you created
  • Choose either Add Groups or Add Groups By Year. (2)

Select small groups

  • Move the Available Small Groups to the Selected Small Groups.
  • You can search for specific groups using the Filter, begin typing the Group's name.
  • Click the square in the upper right-hand corner to close and save.


  • The new small group is now ready.
  • Click on the Name to edit the Small Group.

These Groups will be truly shared and not cloned; so if a Student is removed from the Small Group, they will be removed everywhere that Small Group is used.

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