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Gradebook: Edit Scores


This article will show you how to adjust one grade at a time through the Gradebook screen.

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Assessment > Gradebook

Section Gradebook

  1. Score/Grade: Click the score to open the Scoring Wizard to edit a grade or comment.
  2. Hover Over Score: Displays a dialog box with information about the Student's grade.

TIP: You can also use the Quick Entry screen to enter multiple grades. See article on How to use the Quick Entry screen to input grades into the Gradebook.

Scoring Wizard

Scoring Wizard
  1. Edit the relevant fields. Numeric scores may have up to 2 decimal places to the right of the decimal point.
  2. Click Save Record.

NOTE: The Numeric Score field will accept a zero value, whereas the Quick Entry Screen will not.

Remove Existing Score

To remove an existing score

From the Scoring Wizard:

  • Click Remove Score (show in the background image).
  • Then click Yes to continue.

No Score Value

The Student's Gradebook cell now has a value of No Score.

NOTE: This can be useful after using the Quick Entry screen, and then needing to change a grade for Students that have not yet completed the task.

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