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Gradebook: Edit Scores

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This article will show you how to adjust student grades through the Gradebook screen.

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Assessment > Gradebook

Section Gradebook

  1. Score: Click the score to open the Edit Score window to enter/edit a grade or comment.
  2. Hover Over Final Grade/Score: Displays a dialog box with information about the Student's grade.
  3. Click on Final Grade (%): Enter an override score for the student.

TIP: You can also click on the settings icon (gear wheel) for each assignment and choose edit scores to open the edit scores window.

  1. Assignment Options: Use these options to access assignment stats, export the assignment scores, import the assignment scores, or edit the scores in the Edit Scores window.
  2. Lock Icon: The lock icon represents the release status of the assignment. If you see this icon, then the assignment is NOT released and is not visible to students.
  3. Comment Icon: If you see this icon, then a comment has been entered for that particular student on that particular assignment.

TIP: Hover over the assignment name, or category name in the table to see more information about that particular assignment (percentage, points possible, how many students have a score, etc.) or the category (percentage, critical score, etc.).

Edit Scores Window

  1. Edit the relevant fields. Numeric scores may have up to 2 decimal places to the right of the decimal point.
  2. Enter a value to copy to each selected student's score for this assignment.
  3. Click Save Record.

NOTE: To remove a student's score, simply delete the values present for that student's numeric score. Alpha score and comments will not affect the student's score calculations.

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