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Mapping: Course Objectives

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Path: Courses > [Select Course] >Mapping > Course Objectives

This report will display all of the Course Objectives that have been mapped to the current Course. From this screen, you can create new Course Objectives, modify or delete existing Course Objectives, and link each Course Objective to as many Program Objectives (from your G&O Version) as are applicable.

Create a New Course Objective

  1. Choose Options > New
  2. Enter your Course Objective and a Course Objective Code. It's important to be consistent with your Course Objective Code naming conventions across courses, but even more so within a single course.
  3. Once you have added a Course Objective, you can choose the number in the "Linked Objectives" column to link your Course Objective to a Program Objective (from your G&O Version). 
    • Select "Link Objective" and choose the Program Objective that is applicable to the Course Objective.
    • Repeat this step to link as many Program Objectives as are applicable to this and other Course Objectives.
  4. Choose "Save" and go back to the report to see all of your newly linked Course Objectives.

There is a 10-character limit for the Course Objective Code field. Leo will not save Course Objective Codes that exceed this limit.

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