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Section Checklist: Overview

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The Course Checklist provides a list of essential tasks that must be completed in order to make sure your new Course is working correctly.

  • Each item on the checklist will offer an icon to help you understand what needs attention.
  • Each item on the checklist also provides a hover tool with detailed information on that item and what the different icons mean for that particular item.
  • This article will describe what these icons mean and how they affect your Course.

Course Checklist

The Course Checklist can be accessed from the Course Screen Settings.

Icons Used in Rollover

Check marks (green light)

Check marks (green light)

Check Mark means that the item is set up correctly and adequately for the Course to operate.

Magnifying glass (yellow light)

Magnifying glass (yellow light)

Magnifying Glass means that there is something you need to take a look at.  It may not stop your Course from functioning, but it does need attention.

Red flag (red light)

Red flag (red light)

Red Flag means that the item is missing a key component and will likely cause errors or difficulties in running your Course unless it is fixed.  It is important to have the red-flagged item addressed.

Asterisk (orange)

The orange asterisk is for items that should be checked but do not have an actual incorrect status.

Course Roll Over

This option allows you rollover content, Events, and settings from a previous instance of the Course into the current Course.

  1. Once you select the source Course, the Copy From Course Course/Section from which you will be copying information
  2. A list called Copy Event Types will be displayed, these are Event Types used in that previous Course/Section. You can unselect any Event Type that you do not wish to copy.

The Course Roll Over always copies the content (documents, web links, etc) from the previous Course. Your option is whether or not to mark these documents as deleted when they are copied to the new Course. Here are the considerations to use when making this decision:

  • If you are going to replace more that 50% of the documents, then keep the DEL options checked
  • If you are going to use more than 50% of the document copied over then uncheck the DEL option
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