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Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Events

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This menu is available to all Users.

For more detail instructions, please refer to Events: View Menu.

  • All Events: This is a list of all Events for this Course with various sorting and filtering options
  • Imported Events: View Events that have been imported from iCal or other external sources.
  • Invalid Events: This option will list all Events that are considered invalid due to absence of one for more critical data fields.
  • Events Missing Students: List of Events with no Student Enrollment Group.
  • Events Missing Instructors: List of Events with no assigned Instructors.
  • Events by Attire: List of Events with special attire required.
  • Grader Events and Long Events: List Events and Long Events with gradeable exams.
  • By Theme: List of Events and associated Themes.
  • By Core Problem: List Events and associated Core Problems.
Manage Events

This report will show you the Events in your current Course. You can click on any of the Events listed to see the actual Event.

For more detail instructions, please refer to Manage Events.

Add Event

A Learning Event consists of Students and Faculty meeting (physically or on-line) at a specific location, date, and time. An Event that does meet these criteria should be a Long Event.

For more detail instructions, please refer to Add Events.

Repeating Events

This report shows all the repeating Event definitions for the current Course.

For more detail instructions, please refer to Repeating Events.

Each item in this list is a definition for a set of repeating Events. The following functions are available within the repeating Event report:

  1. Edit the repeating Event options by clicking on the Name of the repeating Event
  2. Review and manage the Events created by the repeating Event option by clicking on the Event count.
Long Events

The purpose of the Long Event is to represent assignments that span more than one Event, and to show the progress of each User within the Long Event.

For more detailed instructions, please refer to Long Events.

Linked Events

Linked Event are a set of Events that are linked together to share documents and curricular mapping.

  • These Events do not have to share the same day and time, they can be unique as long as they share the same Event type (ex. lab, lecture, clinical, etc.).
  • These Events will generally share the same materials and content.

Repeating Linked Events are sets of Events that share the same Event type, as well as a common day and time, and recur over a specified period of time.

For more detail instructions, please refer to Linked Events.

Remove Events

NOTE: Unlike most places where you can delete Events, there is no confirmation required in this report, which allows you to very quickly remove a large number of Events.

  1. Remove: Quickly remove an Event from the calendar.
  2. R/O field indicates if the Event was created by the Course Rollover process.
  3. Restore Events option will show all of the deleted Events for the Course and offers you a quick way of restoring those Events.
  4. Sort By Date: Events can be sorted by Date
  5. Sort By Event Name: Events can be sorted by Event Name
  6. Events with No Students: Events can be sorted by Events With No Students.
Rollover Report

This report shows the roll over status of each Event in the current Course. The purpose of this report is to allow the Administrator of the Course to understand the source of the Events within the Course. Events may have been rolled over from more than one source Course.

For more detailed instructions, please refer to Rollover Reports.

  1. Name: Click on the Event name to view the Event screen for the Event
  2. Parent Event: Click on the source (parent) Event name to view the Event screen for the source Event
  3. Parent Course: Click on the Course Course name to view the Course screen for the source Course.
  4. Repeated/New Status: Displays all Events in the Course, their rollover status, and provides options to quickly flag which Events are repeated or new Events. The repeated/new status will affect how Financial Contribution Tracking totals are calculated.

Note: Rows in this report with no source Event or source Course information indicate that the Event was entered manually or was imported from an external source. This report does NOT reflect the import status of the Events.

Hours By Event Type

This report shows summary information about the Events (including Long Events) in your Course.

For more detailed explanation, please refer to Hours By Event Type.

iCal Export

This automatically exports (downloads to desktop) an .ICS file

PDF Calendar

The PDF Calendar option allows for Users to generate a Course Section Calendar for the whole course.

This option is available to all Users who have access to the Section Level of the Course.

You have the ability to review the Course Calendar prior to printing or downloading the PDF version.

Enrollment Per Event

The purpose of this report is to help you find Events with strange enrollments. This can happen because someone has assigned Small Groups to one Event, or accidentally assigned Students from another Course to this Course.

  • Under most circumstances you will see the same basic numbers again and again, such as the total number of Students (large group Events) and the basic small group counts.
  • You need to look for enrollment numbers that look odd.

NOTE: This report is a sanity check to make sure that no obvious group assignment mistakes have been made.


This report shows a list of the rooms used by this Course.

Click on the Events column to see a detailed list of the Events using a particular room.

Event Export

The Event Roster Export report provides a template for importing a spreadsheet of Events to your Course.

For more detailed instructions, please refer to Event Export (Export Roster).

Use the down-arrow icon to export the roster of existing Events to your computer. You can then modify the Events to fit your needs and re-import to your Course.

Please note: In order to successfully re-import your modified Events, the columns must stay in the same order as they were exported.

Do not move or delete any columns, even if you think you don't need them!

Certain columns in the report are specifically for deletion of existing data. 

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