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The Event Roster Export report provides a template for importing a spreadsheet of Events to your Course.

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Events > Event Export

Use the down-arrow icon to export the roster of existing Events to your computer. You can then modify the Events to fit your needs and re-import to your Course.

Please note: In order to successfully re-import your modified Events, the columns must stay in the same order as they were exported.

Do not move or delete any columns, even if you think you don't need them!

Certain columns in the report are specifically for deletion of existing data. 

TIP: To re-import your Events, follow this path: Course Section > Import > Events

No Event ID Version

This report will generate an export of Event records for the current Course. The format of this export exactly matches the Event import format. This lets you export your current Events and update them off-line. When you are finished updating your Events, you can then re-import the Events into the system.

This version of the report does not include an Event ID.

When the Events are imported back into the system, any Event with an Event ID will update the Event with the data in the report.  Any Event in the report without an ID will create a new Event.

You can delete existing Events by setting the "DELETE Event" field to 1.

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