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Assign an Admin Evaluator of Record

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The admin evaluator of record has the task of reviewing, submitting, and approving evaluations that have been completed by enrolled students and faculty. The admin evaluator also has the ability to push the evaluation score to the course's Gradebook. This article will show you how to assign an admin evaluator of record.

Step 1: Open the Course Screen
  • You are now looking at the Section Level of the course (see Section designation in top-left corner of the screen)
  • Click the course's Campus Level link on the top left hand of the screen to be brought to the Campus Level (see below).

NOTE: If you need to set an evaluator of record at the Campus Level, you can follow the remaining instructions here. But you'll need to assign an evaluator of record at the Course Template Level as well.

NOTE: You will know what level of the course you are in by looking at the top-left corner of the screen. It will say one of the following: Section, Campus, Course Template.

Campus Level

  • You are looking at the Campus Level (see Campus designation in top-left corner of the screen).
  • From the Campus Level, click the Course Template Level link (see below).

Note: To return to the Section Level, click the Section Level link located in the top-left corner of the screen.

Course Template

  • You will know you are at the Course Template Level when the Course Template in the top-left corner of the screen, is gray and bolded.
Step 2: Course Template Directors and Admins
  • Click People.
  • Select Course Course Template Director or Course Template Admins.
  • Click the user's name in the left column (Available Faculty), moving it to the column on the right (Selected Faculty column).
  • If you don't see the user you have in mind, click Get Extended List for more options.
  • Click the small square icon in the top-right corner of this screen to save and exit.

Now that you have added this user to the Course Template Director group (or Course Template Admin group) for the Course Template Level, you can assign them as an admin evaluator of record.

NOTE: Assigning a user as Course Director of the course's Course Template Level does NOT make them a Course Director at the Section Level (it doesn't change the Course Director list anywhere else other than at the Course Template Level).

Step 3: Assign Evaluator
  • Click People.
  • Select Assign Evaluator.

Select Evaluator

The users available to you in the drop-down menu are the Course Template Directors or Course Template Admins.

  • Select the user you want to list as the Evaluator of Record.
  • Click Save Record.
  • Your new admin evaluator can now access submitted evaluations and review them for final submission and approval.

NOTE: The evaluator of record must be chosen from the set of course directors or course admins that you have assigned to whichever level you are working on (Campus or Course Template). Those are the only people who are eligible to be selected as an evaluator of record at that particular level.

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