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Section: People: Default Groups

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Default Groups help you manage the groups that are automatically assigned to certain Event Types.

Every time those Event Types are created, the Default Groups are automatically assigned to them.

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > People > Groups > Default Groups

Event Type Default Groups

Select Minimum Default

Use this screen to add or remove groups from the Default Groups list that you want for every Event in the current Course.

  • The column on the left displays the Available Groups, the groups selected will be in the Selected Groups column on the right.
  • Click the small black square located in the top-right corner to Save and close.

Organizational Choices: If your Course will be using Small Groups at any point, do not select the Main Student Group.

  • In order for all Staff and Faculty to see the Events in the Course, it is important to include the Course Director (CD) group, the Faculty group, and the Staff group.
  • The Audit group may also be included in case there is ever a need for auditors to have access to the Course (Student-Mentors/Facilitators may be added to the Audit group).

NOTE: Any groups selected here will automatically be included as a Default Group for all Events in this Course.

Again, if your Course will have Small Group Events, the Main Student Group should not be included in the Course Default Groups list.

Select Default Groups for Event Types

Designate the Default Groups to specific Event Types. For example, if lecture Events always include the Main Student Group, add them here. 

NOTE: If Lab Events are composed of Small Groups, you will need to leave the Main Student Group out.

You will assign Small Groups at the Event level in the Event Management screen.

Select Event Type to assign default groups to.

NOTE: The Event Types listed in this screen will only include the Event types that currently have Events in this Course.

Select Groups

  • Select from the Unassociated Groups column to move your groups to the Associated Groups column.
  • Click Get Extended List for more group options.
  • Click the black square to save and close this screen.

NOTE: Alternatively, you can assign the groups at the individual Event level. However, if you do this, you will have to assign groups to every single Event of that type individually.

Assigning Default Groups allows you to assign the groups for all Events of that type at once.

Assign All

To push your changes out to all the scheduled Events, click Options and select Assign All Groups

  • You will be prompted to confirm the changes.
Small Group Events

For Small Group Events you will need to assign the individual Students or Small Groups

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Events > Manage Events

  • Click the number link under the Groups column to quickly assign Students or Small Groups.

Add Individuals

NOTE: If this were an Event Type where the Main Student Group was no longer a part of the Default Groups, then Student groups would need to be assigned.

We are now going to add individuals to this Event.

  • Select the individuals that you want to add.
  • Or if Students have already been assigned to Small Groups in your Course, you can select the individual Groups that need to be added to this particular Event.
  • Click the small square at the top-right corner of the screen to save and exit.

When you exit the previous screen, you will return to the Event Management screen shown above. The Groups column corresponding with the Event you edited will reflect the changes you have made.

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