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Materials Pane

  1. Related Materials are organized by Category and are displayed on the Course Screen. Select the Materials icon to toggle the Related Materials on or off the screen.
  2. Tools for uploading and downloading materials are conveniently located on the Course Screen, refer to the article on Downloading Tools
  3. Manage Materials Tab Menu: Use the download arrow view the menus and submenus

Manage Materials Menu

Section Manage Materials Menu

This report is used to manage the standard materials assigned to a Course at the Course Level.

Content can be:

  • Web links
  • Electronic documents
  • SCORM Content
  • Any valid data file

For detailed information on managing Section Materials please refer to the articles on

Section Materials Menu

And the Section Level: Materials Management Screen

LTI Links

This report displays Resource Links to all of your Event or Course content which is hosted by an LTI Provider.

You can manage the links to the content for one of these external systems here. The nature of what can be controlled in this screen is dependent upon the capabilities that have been enabled between Leo and the Provider's system.

Some LTI Providers require you to copy the links from their system and paste them into Leo. Other Providers allow you to first create the link object in Leo, and then click it to go connect it to your content of choice in the Provider's system. As we integrate with each Provider, we take this into account and have modified the interface appropriately to allow you to quickly set up LTI links.

For detailed information on managing LTI materials please refer to the article on Materials: LTI Links

Tablet Files

This report shows a list of the files that have been flagged as having been pushed out to the Document Distribution system, which is the system responsible for pushing documents to the repository where Tablet (iOS and Android) Users can then pick up the files.

There are other report options on this report to see how these files are being managed.

For more detailed information please refer to our article on Materials: Tablet Files

Tablet Settings

If your system is using the Document Distribution option then a default Document Distribution type has been specified.

This option lets you select an Alternate Document Distribution Type for this Course.

QA (Quality Assurance)

The Quality Assurance (QA) queue is a list of documents that have been uploaded to your system for a selected academic year.

The QA report can be one of the following modes:

  • Un-approved - This will show all un-approved documents
  • Approved - This will show all approved documents
  • Legacy - This will show all documents in Legacy status, which means they are being ignored by the QA Queue

The documents that you see in this screen are documents that have not yet been approved.

For instructions on how to use QA, please refer to the Materials: Quality Assurance article.


Student Documents

The Student Documents report shows a summary count,  by Student, of the number of documents that have been posted for Students in Events within this Course.

These documents are used to provide feedback to Students. It is often used to return graded papers but can be used when ever you have documents that are only intended for one Student and/or contain private or confidential information.

The report will show a list of all Students for the Course and a count of the number of documents uploaded to each Students. You can click on the document count to see a detailed list of the documents for the  Student.

Date Restricted Materials

Date restricted materials will be listed in this report.

Faculty Only Materials

Faculty Only (FO) materials will be listed in this report.

Quick Delete

The quick delete option allows you to quickly delete files in a Course. The report will list all of the documents in  the Course and all of the documents in the Events.

When you click on the DELETE option there will be no confirmation - the record will be deleted.

Note that all of the deleted documents can be retrieved from the deleted documents option in the Section and Event screens where the documents are located

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