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Mapping: Session Objectives


This report shows a list of Session Objectives for a given Course. The Session Objectives have two possible sources:

  • Events
  • Long Events

The report will let you link to the Event or Long Event. From here you can update the Session Objectives, if you have the proper access.

Path: Courses > [Select Course] > Mapping > Session Objective

This report can be accessed from two sources:

  • From the Mapping Menu of the Course screen
  • From the Session Objectives by Course report option

This screen is used to edit a single Session Objective.

  • The Objective is limited to 250 characters.

NOTE: If the current learning Event is part of a Linked Event, then the Session Objective will be replicated to the other Linked Events.

This screen links a Session Objectives to the defined list of Goals and Objectives. This is very important because it provides a detailed list of how those Goals and Objectives are being achieved.

  • The default list of Objectives is based on the Objectives that have been selected for the course.
  • The Expanded Set of Objectives is the full set of Objectives for the current Academic Year.

NOTE: If  you remove an Objective, but do not select to move it from all other Linked Events, then the Objective will be re-synced and added back into this Event.

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