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Mapping: Session Objectives

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This report shows a list of Session Objectives for a given Course.

Path: Courses > [Select Course] > Mapping > Session Objectives

This report can be accessed from two sources:

  • From the Mapping Menu of the Course screen
  • From the Session Objectives by Course report option in the Admin Toolbar (Curriculum Mapping > Reports > Goals and Objectives > Session Objectives by Course).

NOTE: If the learning Event is part of a Linked Event, then the Session Objective will be replicated in the other Linked Events.

This report shows the number of Course Objectives linked to each Session Objective. This is very important because it provides a detailed list of how those Course Objectives are being achieved.

NOTE: If  you make changes to Session Objectives from this screen for any Linked Events, the changes will apply to all of the events in that specific Linked Event set.

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