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People: Faculty: Setting FCT Event by Event

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FCT (Financial Contribution Tracking) can be checked or flagged event by event through a report feature. Follow this procedure from the Faculty Listing in the Report screen.

Path: Home > Courses > [Course] > People > Faculty & Staff > Faculty

Step 1: Choose Faculty Events

Click on the number in the Events column for a detailed list of all events for this instructor in this course.

Step 2: Mark FCT (FM) inclusion

Check the box in the FM (Financial Model, or FCT) column to add or remove the instructor from the financial model for that event only.

Repeat as needed by event and by faculty member.

Financial Hours, the hours of participation for which the instructor is being credited, will be shown even if the user's participation in the event has been excluded from the financial model.

Further, by default the hours are based on the duration of the event, or they can be based on a custom value (which is always less than the duration of the event).

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