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Repeating Events

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This report shows all the Repeating Event definitions for the current Course. You can see the number of Events created for each Repeating Event. You can click on that number for a detail list of the Events.

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Events > Repeating Events

Each item in this list is a definition for a set of Repeating Events. The following functions are available within the Repeating Event report:

  1. Repeating Event: Click the name to edit options
  2. Event Count: Review and manage the Events created by the Repeating Event option
Repeating Event (Edit)

Assign Groups

After Saving the previous screen you will need to assign Groups to the Repeating Event.

Add Additional Instructors

Event Count (List Events)

This report shows you all of the Events created for a given Repeating Event.

This report is also a management tool to allow you to easily manipulate the Events in the list. You can do batch updates of instructors, locations, dates, and other fields.

The red asterisk (*) indicated that the Event in is conflict with another Event.

Click the Event after the red asterisk (*) to review the conflict. In this example, the two Events overlap in time.

Add New Repeating Event (1)

The Repeating Event option lets you create a template for an Event and then create Events using the template based on a schedule of dates.

While the Events created will be identical - other than the date - you can customize the individual Events after they are created.

If you re-run the Event creation routine it will update the existing Events and will remove any customizations you have made that conflict with the default settings. Thus, if you customize your Events, do not re-run the Event creation option.

When you save the record, the system will check that you have assigned default groups, and then let you create the actual Events for the Repeating Event.

You can only have one Repeating Event with the same name in the same Course (Section). If you try to create a duplicate record the system will inform you that your record is a duplicate. You will need to change the name to create the new Repeating Event. If your record is a duplicate of a deleted Repeating Event, then your new, active, record will replace the deleted record.

Deleted Repeating Events (2)

This report shows the deleted Repeating Events for the current Course.

You can un-delete a Repeating Event from this screen, and you can manage the Events that were created using the now-deleted Repeating Event definition.

NOTE: However, while the Repeating Event definition may have been deleted, the Events created using that definition still exist.

Essentially, an Event created using the Repeating Event function is a fully functional Event, and can exist independently of the Repeating Event.

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