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Mapping: Default Course Objectives

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This article will show you the steps required to add Objectives to a Course.

NOTE: In order to add default Section Objectives, the Objectives must have already been added to the system (as part of your G&O Version) and the Academic Year should not have the Course Objectives box checked.

If you are utilizing Course Objectives for the Academic Year in which this course exists, Default Section Objectives will not apply. Instead, you should create Course Objectives.

Path: Courses > [Course Screen] > Mapping > Default Section Objectives

Select Course Section Objectives

  • The Objectives listed in the Selected Objectives column (right) are the Objectives that are currently assigned to this Course.
  • Objectives that are marked with (ǂ) are mapped as a default Section Objectives in other Course Section(s).
  • Click the Objective in the Available Objectives column (left) to move it to the column on the right.
  • You can also use the Filter word search to search for specific Objectives.
  • Click the small square icon in the top-right corner of the screen to save and exit.
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