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Workflow: Setting up the Gradebook in a Course

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This step-by-step guide will show you the workflow for setting up the Gradebook in a Course for the first time. For a full overview of the gradebook, refer to this article.

There are two ways in which the Gradebook scores can be calculated:

  1. Percentage. This method assigns the percentage of the total score for the Category or Assignment. When a percentage is given to a Category, it specifies the percentage of the total Gradebook grade.
  2. Raw Points. This method takes the total points for all Assignments and divides them by the Student's total score.

For more information, refer to Account Manager: Gradebook > Global Settings > Method of Relative Value Calculation

In this example, in the Gradebook's Global Settings, Percentage was chosen as the method of relative value for calculation.

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Assessment > Gradebook

Course Screen

NOTE:  When you first open the Gradebook, you will only see your list of Students.

Manage Categories

Manage Categories window

  1. Add Category: Creates a new row for a new category to be added.
  2. Released: This field determines if the grades for the Assignments within that Category can be viewable by Students. YES = Students can see grades, NO = Student can not see grades. You must release the Category in order for the Assignments below it to be released to Students. You can still choose to keep individual Assignments hidden when the Category has been released.
  3. Drag and Drop: Re-arrange categories to alter the sequence of categories/assignments in the gradebook.
  4. Percentage:  This field determines the percentage allocation for this Category in relation to the other Categories in the Gradebook. The total percentage for ALL categories must equal 100% before you can save your Categories.
  5. Critical Score: The percentage score that Leo will consider to be the cut off for a failing score for that category.
  6. Course Fail: If a student falls below the critical score in the category, and course fail is checked, then the student will show as failing the course.
  7. Exclude: Remove the category (and assignments within it) from any score calculations when using percentage to calculate grade. Do not use Exclude if using raw points for grade calculation.
  8. Delete Icon: Remove the category and any assignments from the gradebook.
  9. Save Record
Create New Assignment

Manage Assignments Window

  1. Add Assignment: Creates a new assignment. Note: if you filter your categories first, this option will add your new assignment to the filtered category.
  2. Filter Categories: Existing Categories will appear in drop down menu. You can view only assignments in a single category if needed.
  3. Drag and Drop: Change the order of assignments within a category, or move an assignment to another category if desired.
  4. Link: If the assignment is linked to an evaluation, discussion, exam, event assignment, or SCORM content. You'll see that designation here. If desired, you can "unlink" the assignment and it will behave like a manual entry assignment.
  5. Released: This determines if the grades for this Assignment is viewable to Students. Change this field to Yes when you are ready for Students to see their grade(s) for this Assignment. If this field is not selectable, the category is not yet released. The category must be released before any assignments in the category can be released.
  6. Max Score: This is the maximum score available for the Assignment.
  7. Percentage: This field will calculate the score based on percentage.
  8. Merge Icon: Select this icon to merge one assignment into another. From the drop-down list, choose the assignment that will remain. Leo will keep the highest score for all students  in the two assignments.
  9. Delete Icon
  10. Save Record

For information on entering gradebook scores, refer to the Gradebook: Edit Scores article. For a more thorough overview of other gradebook functionality, please read this article.

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