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Setting Percentages in the Gradebook


This article will demonstrate how to set Category and Assignment percentages in the Gradebook.

  • Assignments are the actual graded activities, such as quiz, exam, paper, etc.
  • Assignments are then housed within a Category.
  • You can have as many Categories as you need.

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Gradebook Percentages

The Gradebook percentages for both Assignments and Categories must always add up to 100%.

The Gradebook is continually calculating the delta between each setting established and the 100% maximum.

  • Every time a new assignment is added that affects the percentage, the Gradebook must make adjustments to everything in the Category in order to ensure that everything adds up to 100%.
  • The Gradebook performs micro-adjustments to make sure everything adds up to 100%; as the numbers change, they may not display as cleanly as you might expect.
  • That is why setting them all at once is the recommended method.
Category: Setting Percentages
  • To set the percentage value of a Category, click the name of the Category's link.
Edit Category Settings Screen

This opens to the Category Settings screen.

  1. Set all Category Percentages
  2. Set Percentages for all Assignments in Category

(1) Set All Category Percentages

  • Click Set all Category Percentages.
Set the percentage value for each Category
  • Each Category must be assigned a percentage value.
  • Percentages must add up to 100.
  • The Total Percentage adds the numbers together as you type.
  • Click Save Settings.

(2) Setting Percentages for all Assignments

  • Click Set Percentages for all Assignments in Category
Set the percentage value for each Assignment
  • The Total Percentage field adds up the numbers as you type.
  • If the total exceeds 100%, Leo will notify you.
  • Click Save Settings to save and exit this screen..
Equally Weighted Assignments

If all the assignments in a Category are of equal value, you can leave the percentage boxes blank and Leo will automatically divide them equally.

  • For example, if a Category contains 5 exams (assignments), and they are all weighted equally, if you leave the boxes blank, Leo will automatically divide the Category percentage (in this example, 100%) by 5 and assign each exam 20% as their individual value.

As long as the fields are left blank, the Gradebook will adjust the values appropriately each time an assignment is added or removed.

It works the same way if you want to specify a value for only one of the assignments.

  • For example, if you know Exam 1 must have a value of 50%, but the other 4 exams are weighted equally, then the Gradebook will automatically split the difference to give the other 4 exams a value of 12.5%.

This same concept applies to Categories as well.

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