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Setting Percentages in the Gradebook

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This article will demonstrate how to set Category and Assignment percentages in the Gradebook.

  • Assignments are the actual graded activities, such as quiz, exam, paper, etc.
  • Assignments are then housed within a Category.
  • You can have as many Categories as you need.

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Assessment > Gradebook

Gradebook Percentages

The Gradebook percentages for both Assignments and Categories must always add up to 100%.

Category: Setting Percentages
  • To set the percentage value of a Category, enter the appropriate value in the Manage Categories window.
  • Use the "Auto" option to equally distribute remaining percentage points among empty categories.
  • Be sure to select Save!

Setting Percentages for Assignments

  • Open the Manage Assignments window.
  • Enter the percentage values for each assignment. The assignments within each category must equal 100%.
  • To equally distribue remaining percentage points among empty assignments within a category, use the "Auto" option.
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