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Manage Exams: Exam Retake Option

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This article will show you how to allow retakes for an Exam.

NOTE: The Exam Retake option may already be turned on in your system. If it is not turned on, then contact your System Administrator.

Path: Home > Admin Tool Bar > Advanced > Account Manager > Modules > Exam Settings > Redirect to Exam Portal

Path: Courses > Course Screen > Exams > Manage Exams

Select Exam Access

Click the Access link corresponding to the Exam in the Access? Column.

Select Group

Submissions and Retakes

  • Max Submissions: Set field to number of takes/submissions each Student will have during the Exam access period.
  • Erase on Retake: Set option to YES if you would like to clear all Student responses each time the Exam is retaken
  • Click Save to save your changes and exit this screen.

NOTE: The default setting for the Max Submissions field is 1

Takes Allowed

Now the Takes Allowed column displays the number of takes you have set in the Group Access Time screen for your Exam.

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