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Manage Events: Managing Attendance

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Event Attendance can be taken within a Course.

Using an attendance password, Students can verify their attendance to the Event. Once the Event is over, Faculty/Staff can view a report that shows what Students were in attendance to the Event.

NOTE: Attendance is defaulted to be recorded up to 10 minutes prior to an Event, and up to 15 minutes into an Event. These values can be changed in the Account Manager Settings.

Course Screen

Path: Home> Courses > [Course Screen] > Events > Manage Events

Select Event

Mandatory and/or Password
Step 2: Set the appropriate options
  • Set the Mandatory Attendance field to Yes.

If you are NOT using external method of tracking device, like Clickers, to record attendance:

  • Set the Attendance field to Yes
  • The Attendance Password is what students will be inputting when they record their attendance to at Event.
  • Click Save Learning Event to save and exit this screen.

NOTE: If the Mandatory Attendance field is set to Yes the Absence Request feature can be used.

View Event Attendance

From the Event Screen > People > Event Attendance

Viewing the attendance report

Event's Attendance Records

Here you will see your list of students and their attendance record...
  • The Present column indicates if the Student was present or not (Yes/N/A).
  • The Date and Time columns are time-stamped
  • The Source column indicates how the Student recorded their attendance (this is useful if alternative attendance-taking methods/programs are used).

NOTE: If attendance was recorded by a faculty on behalf of a student, the only column that will display information on this screen is the Present column. All other columns will remain empty.

Recording Attendance FOR a Student

This screen is used to manually adjust the attendance record for a Student in an Event.

How to take attendance FOR a student
  • Click the name of the Student you would like to record attendance for.
  • Mark the Student as Present: Yes/No
  • Enter a Source/Reason (optional)
  • Save the Record

TIP: From this screen, you can also view the Student's attendance record history.

  • Click Attendance History
  • Record the Student's attendance for multiple Events at once by clicking Update Range of Events
Update All Students

This option lets you update the attendance status of ALL Students.

Option (1)

  • Update ONLY Students that do not currently have an attendance status
  • And that do not have an active absence request

Option (2)

  • Update ALL Students, this includes Students with active absence requests
Student View in Events With Mandatory Attendance.
What students see when opening their Event Screen with mandatory attendance...

When students open their Event Screen, they will see a Record Your Attendance box.

  • Students will need to click this box to record their attendance.

Attendance Password Prompt

Students will be prompted to enter the Attendance Password
  • If a password was entered, Students will see this screen and must enter the password in the text field and confirm that they are in attendance,
  • TIP: Once the Student has submitted their attendance, the option to Record Attendance will no longer appear in the Student's Event Screen.
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