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Edit Course After Course Rollover

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Once you have rolled over a Course using the Course Rollover function, it is sometimes necessary to make broad changes to the Course's Events and/or the Faculty assigned to the Events. 

One way to do this is to make the necessary changes to the Course using a downloaded .CSV file and then uploading those changes to the System.

Event Export

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Event > Event Export

Navigate to your Course Screen, click Special, and select Roster Template
Step 1: Download the Event Roster Export by clicking the downward-pointing arrow

Click on the down arrow on the top right hand corner to download the .CSV file.

View and Edit .CSV

This screen shot is an example of what the .CSV spreadsheet will look like. All the headers in the spreadsheet are mandatory.  Not all fields are required/mandatory to be filled out.

Step 2: View and edit the contents of your .csv file

Data Fields (Rows) maybe left blank:

  • Event Name
  • Description
  • Date
  • From (military time)
  • To (military time)
  • Location
  • Event Type
  • Faculty List
  • Source Name
  • Source ID
  • Specialties (Themes)
  • Student Groups
  • Objectives
  • Session Objectives
  • Staff List
  • delGoal = put a "1" in this field to delete object before import
  • delGroups = put a "1" in this field to delete object before import
  • delNetID = put a "1" in this field to delete object before import
  • delStaffNetID = put a "1" in this field to delete object before import
  • Diagnoses
  • Procedures
  • Core Problems
  • delEventFlag = put a "1" in this field to delete object before import
  • Mandatory Flag - "1" = mandatory; "0" = mandatory flag off
  • Attire
  • Display Faculty Names
  • Display Staff Names
Import Edited .CSV

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > Data Entry > Data Import > Events

Step 4: Click the link to begin uploading your .csv file
  • Click Browse and choose the .CSV file you have edited  
  • Upload the file.
  • Then click Save File to upload the spreadsheet.
  • Confirm the Upload
  • You will receive another message confirming no errors were found. Click OK to continue.
Preview the Events

Your Events will now appear in a report for previewing.

Step 6: Preview the uploaded Events

Once you have reviewed the changes you will need to Validate and Import them into the System.

NOTE: If an Event in your spreadsheet already exists in the System (duplicate), it will not import again (and you will not see it in the preview report).  

Click to proceed to course selection

Select your desired Course

Detected Course
Step 7: Select the Course and Section (or Rotation) to put your events
Events Uploaded

This is a list of all imported Events. The most recently imported Events are shown first.

  • Anytime you import a set of Events, the Events come into the system marked as Tentative (i.e. not visible to Students).
  • The Events are marked with a (T), indicating that they are Tentative.

Click Close after reviewing.

Make Events Visible to Students

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Events > Event Management

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