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Exams Menus Overview

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Active Exams

This report will show you all of the active Exams for the next 10 days within the current Program.

Manage Exams

The Course Level Exam Manager will show you every Exam attached to the current Course. This includes:

  • Exams attached directly to the Course Screen
  • Exams attached to Events
  • Exams attached to Long Events

(1) Exam Manager Options Menu:

  • Add/Remove Exams: Attach an existing Exam to the list of available Exams.
  • Create New Exams: Create new Course Level Exams here. To attach new Exams to an Event or Long Event you will have go the Event or Long Event and use the Exam Manager there.
  • Clone An Exam: This option will create a copy of the existing Exam, including all questions and attachments. You can specify if you wish to copy Event or Course links, and Group associations. The cloned Exam will contain all new copies of all questions and responses.  
  • Unique Exam List: This report list a list of the unique Exams assigned to this Course. The Standard Exam listing shows all Exams assigned to the Exam at the Course, Event, and Long Event level. This includes Exams that have been assigned multiple times. This is a unique list of those Exams.
  • Update Access: This option will update the list of Student Groups for who has been assigned to the Surveys and Exams attached to their Events.

(2) Exam Manager Column Links:

  1. Name (click to edit): Edit the Exam. (For more information refer to: Section Level: Exams: Exam Editor Overview)
  2. Responses: This report shows a summary of the per Student Exam results. (For more information refer to: Exam Manager: Q/R Report)
  3. View Exam: Access the Exam in View Mode only
  4. Link: Opens the info screen for either the Course or the Event.
  5. Access?: Grant access to individual or group.
  6. Details: View an overview of where this Exam is located (i.e. Course or Event)
  7. PDF: View  and/or print Exam.
  8. Key: View the Exam's Key.

Note that the Add/Remove Exams option only affects Exams that are linked directly to the Course screen. You cannot remove an Exam linked to an Event from the Course Level Exam Manager. Instead, click on the Event option in the link column and remove the Exam at the Event Level.

If the Gradebook Security option has been turned on, then access to the Exam Manager will be restricted based on the options selected by your System Administrator.

Grade Exams
  • This report will show you all of the Exams linked to the current screen (Course, Event, or Long Event) that require grading.
  • The report will show a count of the unstructured questions in each Exam that require grading, and a count of the number of Students who still have at least one ungraded response.
  • If this report is empty, there there is no manual grading required. This may change as new Exams are added or Students answer questions in existing Exams.
  • If you are looking at this report at the Course Level then all Event Level Exams will also be included.
Exam Access by Students

Manage and/or reset access times for all Exam groups.

Question Bank

Course Directors can manage, create/edit, search and customize questions in the Question Bank that they are creating for their Course.

There are three tabs in the Question Bank:

  1. Questions
  2. Edit Questions
  3. Question Search

For more information on how to use the Question Bank Editor, please refer to Section: Question Bank Editor for CD's

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