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Mapping: Event Mapping Detail

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Path: Courses > [Select Course] >Mapping > Event Mapping Detail

This  screen will let you generate a detailed XLS report of Events in the Course with detailed mapping information. Basic information for each Event will be included, along with detailed mapping information for each Event. Options for generating this  report:

  • Summary - Summarize linked Events
  • Instructional - Only select Events with an Event type that has been flagged as instructional
  • Format - Defines how the data will be delivered, as an Excel Spreadsheet or as a CSV file

This report can be quite large and can take a long time to run. With this in mind, the report will be generated in the background and emailed to you when it is completed. Large Courses can take an hour or more to process.

The final report will sent to you via email and as an announcement.

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