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Assign Section Level Graders

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This article will provide you with an overview on how to assign any User as a Grader at the Course/Section level.

The benefit of assigning a Course level Grader is that it allows you to have the ability to use the Grader options at the Course, Event, and Long Event levels for the entire Course.

Graders at the Course level will have the ability to evaluate and score Assignments, Evaluations, and text based questions on Exams throughout the Section. Graders will have access to grade Exam results, but will not have access to other Exam options, unless explicitly given additional access.

A Grader at the Course level can be any User as long as they are assigned to the Grader role.

Assign a User as a Course Grader

To directly assign Graders at the Course/Section Level, follow the steps below.

Path: Course > People> Faculty & Staff > Graders 

Once you have Users assigned as Graders at the Course level they will have access to grade the Assignments and Exams in the Events associated with that Course.

NOTE: If the Grader option is not appearing the Course Section, you will need to make sure you have enabled the grader role in the Account Manager under User Management.   This option allows users to be assigned as graders of text-based exam questions and assignments at the event or course level.

Reviewing Event Level Graders from the Course

To review who has been assigned as a Grader at the Event-Level within the current Course, please follow the steps below.

Path: Course > People> Faculty & Staff > Graders >

Select the Event Level Graders and then Add or Remove Graders

  1. Click on the name of the Event link to open it.
  2. You can use the Course Graders option to return to the list of Graders assigned directly to the Course.

Note: This report shows you the Events and Long Events within the current Course that have one or more Graders assigned. The Event Grader report does not include the Graders who have been assigned at the Course Section level.

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