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Linked Events: Sharing Assignments

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This article will show you how to share assignments across Linked Events.

This feature creates an Assignment folder in each Event within the Linked Event set. If you adjust the attributes of the Assignment, such as name, availability, etc., all of the associated Events will be updated. You can delete the folder from one of the Events and the rest will remain, however this should only be done in rare circumstances - in order to maintain coherent curriculum mapping and comparability of Student work across the Events within the set.

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Events > Linked Events > Linked Event Listing

Event Count

Click the Event Count link corresponding to the Linked Event set

Select Event

Click to select a specific Event

Event Screen

Assignments > Student Assignments

Student Assignment creation for Linked Events

  • Click Create New Assignment
  • You will be creating a Folder where the Students will upload their documents.
  • Enter in the name of the Assignment folder and any additional information needed.
  • Click Save Record

You will see a message telling you that you are creating a new Assignment in a Linked Event set. An Assignment will be created in each Event within that Linked Event set. Instructors for each Event will be able to view only their Students Assignments. Course Directors, Coordinators, and Course Staff will be able to view the Assignments for all Students across the Linked Event set and push any grades to the Gradebook.

Grade Linked Event Assignments

To grade Linked Event Assignments together follow this path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] >Assessments > Student Assignments

  • Click on the Linked Event Assignment Set Count number to access the Assignments.
  1. View a Student's document by clicking the link under the Document (Download) column.
  2. Use the text boxes under the Score and Comment columns to input the grade and comments for each Student's Assignment.
  3. Scores can be sent to the Gradebook by clicking the Export to Gradebook link.
  4. You can upload a Student's Assignment on their behalf by clicking the Upload File link under the Upload New Document column.

Note: This will include all of the assignments for the Linked Event Set.

Should you wish to learn more about Assignments, please refer to the Student Assignments User Guide Article.

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