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Complete Evaluation on Behalf of a User

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If you need to complete an Evaluation on behalf of a Student, follow the steps below.

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Assessments > Evaluations

Manage Students

Summary of Active Evaluations

This report show a list of all the active Evaluations of or for the current Users in the Course. This report ca  show information for Student or Instructors. The title of the report will specify which Group is being reviewed.

For Student: For the Student that needs responses entered, click the number link

Select Evaluation

Click the link under the Eval Name column.

Complete the Evaluation on the User's Behalf

When you are done, click Submit. Then click OK to complete the process.

Incomplete Evaluations

If you attempt to submit an Evaluation with unanswered questions, you will get an alert to clarify which evaluations have been completed and submitted.  For Evaluations that are not yet complete and need further attention, you will be unable to submit incomplete Evaluations.

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