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Auto-Assign Evaluations in bulk

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This tutorial will show you how to set up and assign Evaluations in bulk at the Section/Course Level.

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Assessment > Evaluations > Auto-Assign Evaluations

NOTE: Auto-Assign Evaluations can be put through the Evaluation Workflow process, and will show up as normal in the respective Course Level Workflow.

For more information on the Evaluation Workflow, click here.

New Auto-Assign Evaluation

The Auto-Assign Evaluations allow you to select an evaluation template and then select a date range for a Course Section to do this please complete the steps below:

Fill out the Auto-Assign Evaluation Record:

  • Evaluation (*):Select an Evaluation Template
  • Title:Title the Evaluation
  • Occurring From: Select date
  • Occurring To: Select date

You must choose at least one Group for the Event in order to create an evaluation for that Event.

To select a group for the Event click inside the Groups box and select from the drop down list of Groups.

When you are done adding the necessary Events to the Evaluation click Submit.

Note: You will notice the From date is the date that the Event occurs and the Until date is 14 days after the Event. Should you need to adjust the open time and end time of the Evaluation for an Event please alter the default date range.

Auto-Assigned Evaluation Verification

Once the Evaluations have been created you can check your Active Evaluation Records by completing the following:

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Assessment > Evaluations > All Active Evaluations

This report shows all of the active evaluations linked to the current course at the Course or Event level that have users assigned to the Evaluation.

You can click on any evaluation in the list and the evaluation manager screen for that evaluation type and link will be displayed. Should you have to make any adjustments you will be able to do this from the All Active Evaluations screen.

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