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Manage Exams: Exam Editor Overview

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The Exam Editor is used to create and modify Exams that are then delivered to the Student via the Event or Course screens.

The Exam is made up of questions. Each question in the Exam has two components:

  1. The question itself, which consists of the question, responses, and explanations
  2. The sequence, weighted value, and bonus status. These values belong to the Event, or Course screen to which the Exam is connected. If the same Exam is attached to a different Event or Course these values can be different in the content of the new connection.

There are several modes of the Exam presentation:

  • Standard - Where the Exam is presented in a traditional display of questions
  • Block Standard - Where questions are grouped together by blocks but are displayed in the Standard Exam Mode
  • Block View - Where questions are grouped together and displayed together by block
  • Scratch-off basic - Where Exam questions are displayed as a series of response options with no text
  • Scratch-off standard - Where the Exam is displayed in a more traditional mode, but the responses are still selected via the scratch-off interface
  • Super Immediate Feedback (SIF) - Where explanations are displayed as the Exam is taken.

Path: Home > [Course Screen] > Assessment > Exams > Manage Exams > Select Exam to Edit

Home Tab

For more information on the Home Tab Menu items, refer to Exam Editor: Home Tab Menu

Admins Tab

  1. Search for Exams Admins by typing the Admins name.
  2. Add Admins to Exam by clicking in the search results
  3. Remove Admins by clicking on their name in Current Admins column to remove them.

For more information refer to the article: Exam Editor: Home Tab Menu

Question Tab Menu

For more information refer to the article: Exam Editor: Question Tab Menu

Edit Question Tab

Edit Question column: Select a question to edit while you are still in the Questions Tab

From the Edit Question Tab you will see several more tabs and links at the bottom of the screen

  1. Edit Question Sub Tabs: Prompt, Prompt Attachment, Link Settings, G&O, Responses and Edit a Response
  2. Menu Links: Edit Question Prompt, Edit Link Settings, Edit Explanation, Manage My Categories

For more information refer to the article: Exam Editor: Edit Question Tab Menu

Question Bank Tab

For more information refer to the article: Exam Editor: Question Bank Tab

NOTE for Course Directors: For information on creating questions by the Course Director for this Course/Section, please refer to this article on Exams > Question Bank

Exam Blocks

The Exam Block Manager is used to set up blocks in an exam. A block is defined as a set of related questions that will be displayed together and can have a common instruction or title block.

Exam Blocks cannot be used on Scratch-off Exams in Leo.  Standard randomization of questions will also not work within a block. Instead, the block will be treated by question randomization process as one question.

For more information refer to the article: Exam Editor: Edit/Create Exam Blocks

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