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Manage Events: FCT Partial Credit

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In order for Faculty to receive credit for teaching an Event, they must be assigned to the Event.

The Faculty Contribution Tracking (FCT) feature collects Faculty contribution time for Events through various available reports.

If an Event has more than one Faculty member assigned to it, Faculty can be assigned partial credit for their portion of teaching time.

The Instructor build-list can be accessed various methods.

  • When an Event is first created one of the steps is adding Instructors to the Event and selecting a Primary Instructor. For more information refer to: Section Level: Events : Add Event
  • The second method is via the Event Screen's People Menu. For information refer to Faculty: People Menu > Faculty
  • The last method is after an Event has been created you can edit the Instructors from the Course Screen. Directions are below for this method.

Path: Courses > [Course Screen]> Events > Manage Events

Select Faculty

  1. Select the Instructors you would like to assign to the Event.
  2. Indicate Primary Instructor for only one.
  3. Check the box if excluding from the financial model.
  4. Select a Custom Time, if applicable.
  5. Check the Instructor's Role, if applicable.
  6. Select the Discipline, if applicable.
  7. Save.
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