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The Comparison Report will show comparative data for Students across multiple campuses responding to the same Evaluation.

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Assessment > Evaluations

Summary Reports

The Evaluation Summary Report shows you a list of all the evaluations created for this course. The report is sorted by evaluation type (student->faculty, faculty->student, etc) and then by the evaluation name with each type.

There are four sets of values presented for each evaluation:

  1. Response Count: The total number of responses for the evaluation. Click on this number for a summary of all results for the evaluation.
  2. Evaluation Count: The number individuals evaluated. Click on this number to get results for the individuals evaluated.
  3. Eval Link Count: This report breaks out evaluations by specific instances. Even if the same form is used more than once, the data for each instance (date range, custom title, group) will be broken out and displayedseparately.
  4. Comp: This link will show you  for each evaluation a comparison with other campuses.

Note: By default Evaluations for the Course which are incomplete will not be displayed on the Evaluation Summary Report screen. To view a record of the incomplete Evaluations, click on the Include Incomplete Evals at the top of the screen.

Click the link for Comp Rpt (stands for Comparison Report), as circled above, for the evaluation you would like to view.

View Comparison Report

The Comparison Report is organized by question and campus.

To exclude or include the incomplete Evaluations for the report check the Include Incomplete Evaluations option at the top of the Comparison Report screen.

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