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Section Level: Materials Management Screen

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This report is used to manage the standard content assigned to a Course at the Course level.

Content can be:

  • Web links
  • Electronic documents
  • SCORM Content
  • Any valid data file

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Manage Materials > Section Materials > Manage

TIP: The term "files" can mean text documents, images, links, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, spreadsheets, etc. - any file that is used to support your curriculum.

Where do I put my files?

Where you choose to upload your files depends on whether the files are for the general Course or if they are specific to certain Events.

1. Files uploaded to the Course Level apply to all Students enrolled in the Course and are not tied to a specific Event or date.

  • Examples of general Course files might be a syllabus or a recommended reading list for the Course.

2. For files that are specific to a particular Learning Event, you'll want to upload at the Event Level.

  • For Example, a reading assignment or link to review other files prior to an Exam.
(1) Multi Page Upload

This screen is the first step in the Multi File Upload  interface. Here you can define default settings for all of the files you are about to upload.

Once you have specified your default settings you can move on to the next step of selecting the files you wish to upload. When those files are uploaded they will be tagged with the default settings from this  screen.

You will also be able to edit the settings on each file individually after the files are uploaded.

  1. Author - Lets you specify the author of this material
  2. Password - If used, Students will be prompted for this password before they can download the document.
  3. Faculty Only - If checked, only faculty and staff will be able to see this document.
  4. No Time Restrictions: Used when access to a document is time sensitive.
  5. Date Range: Used to control when the materials will be made available.
  6. Event Time +/-: Used to control for how long materials will be available.

TIP: Specific Goal & Objectives can be added to the files for mapping purposes, the link is at the top of the screen. You can also clear Date and Time.

  • Drag/Drop or Browse to select the files for upload.
  • During the upload the files are scanned by our virus checker, this may take a few minutes.
  • When all files are upload the bars will turn green.
  • Click the X to close the window.

Select the Goals and Objectives you want to link to these files

(2) Add File

This is the single file upload screen, which allows you to upload a one file to LCMS+.

  • Select a File: Browse on your device
  • Title: This is the name that will be displayed to students
  • Save File
  • Advanced Options:


Advanced Options

This screen is used to assign various values to your document, such as:

  •  Author
  •  Faculty Only
  •  Password
  •  Dates of availability

Some of these features can be edited in the content management report, others are only available in this screen.

  • Course: Edit Course that document is assigned to.
  • Description: Type a short description, optional.
  • Available: Date From & To.
  • Skip Tablet Export: Default is no. Changing to Yes would deny Tablet/iPad Users from easy access.
  • Faculty Only: Change status
  • Display Order: Select display/sequence order
  • Deleted: Add to deleted.
(3) Add SCORM

Uploading SCORM is similar to uploading as single file.

  • Select a File: Browse on your device
  • Title: This is the name that will be displayed to students
  • Save File
  • Advanced Options:

The main difference is that you enter the number of attempts that a Student may have to view the SCORM lesson.

  • Enter 0 (zero) for unlimited access.

Directions for creating your materials

Quizzes Help -

Saving your work

In any of the software used to create your quiz, save the file to a SCORM 1.2 zip file before importing to LCMS+.

(5) Deleted

You can review the deleted content here and restore the content.

(6) New Category

Content Categories are labels used to organize files/documents/materials at the Course or Event level. After uploading a file to your Course or Event, you can assign a Category to that file. When files are displayed, they are grouped and sorted by Category.

(7) Overlap

This report will show a list of all documents linked at the Course Level that are also assigned to one or more Events within the same Course.

This can have a direct impact on the Document Distribution option and on the general availability of a document to Students.

Documents at the Course Level can be restricted by date but not by time.  Section and Event versions of the file have same release date, the Course version of the document will be available at 1 minute past midnight. Please note that time restrictions will be added to Section documents.

(8) Authors

This report shows the assigned Authors and Uploaders for all content at the Course level.

You can click on the Title of any of the content to update the Author or Uploader.

  1. Name (Edit): Clicking the document link under the Name (Edit) column allows you to edit the name or re-load an updated document.
  2. Category: The Category column allows you to assign a Category to your document. Use the drop-down menu to view all the options.
  3. Seq#: The sequence number dictates the order in which the documents will appear in the Related Materials list/category
  4. FO: Materials labeled FO or Faculty Only will only be visible to the Faculty and Staff assigned to this particular Event.
  5. View/Scores: Clicking the View link corresponding to your document, you will see a list of all the Users that have downloaded that particular document/material as well as the date/time of the download.
  6. DEL: The DEL column allows you to delete/remove a document from the Section's Materials.
  7. SUPP: The SUPP column allows you to indicate whether the document is supplemental.
  8. History: The History column allows you to see the activity history for each document/material.
  9. G&O: Click the number corresponding to your document/material and you will be able to assign or map Objectives to your document/material.
  10. Authors: The Authors column shows how many authors are linked to the document. Click the number link to add/remove authors.
  11. GrpSec - Group Security: The Group Security (Grp Sec) column indicates the number of Groups assigned to the document. Click the number link to assign a Group to the document.

TIP: In the History screen for each document/material you can view the Users that have not downloaded the document by clicking the Exception Report link located at the top/bottom of the History screen.

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