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Section: Student Assignments Overview

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This report lists all of the Assignments created for the current Course to allow Students to upload their Assignments. Each Event can have multiple Assignments, and the Report is organized first by Event (sorted by date), and then by Folder (sorted alphabetically).

  1. Use the Download All Files to access all Assignments.
  2. The Deleted option will show all deleted Assignments linked to active Events.
  3. The Orphaned Assignments lists all Assignments turned in by Students but have an exception (see note below).
  4. The Event (Edit) field is a link to the Event.
  5. The Assignment (Edit) field links to a detailed view of the Assignment
  6. The Count (Edit) field links to a report of all Students enrolled in the Event and shows the documents they have (or have not) uploaded into the Assignment.

NOTE: Orphaned Assignments

This report shows all Assignments turned in by Students in the current Course where:

  • The Assignment has been deleted or purged
  • The Parent Event has been deleted or purged
  • The Parent Course has been deleted, purged, or hidden

If there is no Event name or date, that means that the Parent Event cannot be found.

If there is no Assignment title, that means that the Assignment itself cannot be found.

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