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Mapping Menu Overview

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The Mapping shows a detailed report of how the content in this Course has been mapped to Objectives, competencies, clinical procedures and more.

Path: Courses > [Select Course]> Mapping [down arrow] > Mapping Menu

  • All Mapping: List of all mapping available for the current Course Section organized by category.
  • Tree View: Week by week list of Goals and Objectives linked to the Courses, Events, Long Events, Exams, materials, Session Objectives, Diagnoses, and Procedures in your system. For more information, refer to the Tree View article.
  • Course Objectives: This report will list all of your Course Objectives as well as options for adding new Course Objectives, modifying existing Course Objectives, deleting Course Objectives, and adjusting the mapping of Course Objectives.
  • Session Objectives: List of Session Objectives throughout the Course and allows users to edit existing session objectives as well as the Course Objectives to which they are linked.
  • Core Competencies: List of all Core Competencies linked to the course via Events.
  • Summary: The report shows a listing of the number of Course Objectives, Session Objectives, Methodologies, Resources, and Themes, mapped to the Events in this Course and included options to access I/M, A/M, or Theme summaries.
  • Event Mapping Detail: This generates an Excel file with detailed mapping information for all Events in the Course.
  • Exam G&O: This is a listing of G&O used in Exams for this Course.
  • Map Themes: You can map Themes at the Course Level, however, this is primarily used by Courses that have no Events.
  • Default Section Objectives: You can select the default Objectives for this Course and apply them to all Section in the same year.
  • S/O Template: This generates a template to facilitate the bulk import of Session Objectives into existing Events in a Course
  • Migrate G&O Version: This will migrate all old mapped Objectives to the current Objective Version if the new and old Objectives names match. For more information, refer to G&O Migration Tool
  • Hidden Mapping: This displays the list of Events where mapping is being hidden from Students.


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