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Exam Editor: Edit Question Tab

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NOTE: In order to edit a question you have to select the question while still inside the Questions tab.

Under the Edit Question Tab are six additional tabs:

  1. Prompt:
  2. Prompt Attachment:
  3. Exam Settings:
  4. G&O:
  5. Responses:
  6. Edit Responses:

And under the Prompt Tab are 4 links:

  • Edit Question Prompt: Edit the question prompt and other basic settings for the question
  • Edit Link Settings: Edit setting for this Exam related to the learning object to which it is tied.
  • Edit Explanation: Edit the overall explanation of this question
  • Manage My Categories: Edit the question categories that belong to you

Edit Question Prompt

Enter the basic settings for this question:

  • Prompt: Use the WYSIWYG editor when designing your question.
  • Type: select the type of question (multiple choice, free text, etc.)
  • Max Score
  • Category
  • Bonus
  • Save Question
  • Admin Notes:

The Multiple-Select question type takes the number of correct responses possible and divides the correctness of the question evenly across each possible correct response. Each incorrect response subtracts 1/N of the correctness where N is the number of possible correct responses. Please note the score for a question will never be negative. 

  • (# of Selected Correct Responses / N) - (# of Selected Incorrect Responses / N) * Weight of Questions

Additionally, it is important to note that Multiple-Select is a different question type than Multiple-select-AR.

Prompt Attachment

You can add attachments to the question prompt:

  1. Add New Attachment: Attach a file saved locally
  2. Add Exam Import Image: Or from an Exam that was imported into the System, i.e. ExamSoft

Add New Attachment


This screen is used to select the Objectives that should be mapped to a given Exam question.

Use the text filter to word search a specific Objective.


Use this screen to edit responses to a question.

  1. Add New Response
  2. Click on a text to Edit a Response (Opens in new tab)
  3. Remove a Response

New Response

  • Response: Edit the Response with the WYSIWYG editor
  • Sequence: The order in which they will appear in the question. (This new response is automatically given a sequence of 25)
  • Correct Answer: place check mark if this response is the correct answer
  • Cost: If the response has a cost associated with it, it can be placed here
  • 2nd Cost: If the response has a cost associated with it, it can be placed here


Edit a Response

Edit Response (1)

Edit Response Explanation (2)

This explanation is normally used to discuss why the current response is correct, or, why it is incorrect.  Broader discussions about the question in general are best placed in the Question Explanation field, which can be accessed from the Prompt tab.

NOTE: If your explanation begins with http then the System will treat it as a web link.

Add Additional Responses (3)

Notice this additional response automatically is given the sequence number of 25.

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