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Rollover Report

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This report shows the Rollover status of each Event in the current Course. The purpose of this report is to allow the Administrator of the Course to understand the source of the Events within the Course. Events may have been rolled over from more than one source Course.

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Events > Rollover Report

  1. Name: Click on the Event name to view the Event screen
  2. Parent Event: Click on the Parent Event (Source) name to view that Event screen
  3. Parent Course: Click on the Parent Course name to view the Course screen for the Source Course.
  4. Repeated/New Status: Displays all Events in the course, their roll-over status, and provides options to quickly flag the Events are repeated or new Events. The repeated/new status will affect how FCT totals are calculated.

Note: Rows in this report with no Source Event or Source Course information indicate that the Event was entered manually or was imported from an external source. This report does NOT reflect the import status of the Events.

Repeated/New Status

This screen is used to set the N/R Status flag which is used to show it is a New Event or is a Repeat of an existing Event.

TIP: This flag will further determine if the new Event prep hours, or repeated Event prep hours, will used when calculating FCT values for this Event.

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