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View Course Evaluations

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Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Assessments > Evaluations

Select Reports

  • To see the Evaluations that have been assigned to the Course, click All Active Evaluations.
  • To see the results of an Evaluation, click Summary Reports.
All Active Evaluations
  • This report shows all of the Active Evaluations linked to the current Course at the Course or Event level that have Users assigned to the Evaluation.
  • You can click on any Evaluation in the list and the Evaluation Manager screen for that Evaluation Type will be displayed.

Viewing Deleted Evaluations

  • Click the Deleted Evals link to display all deleted Evaluations.

Manage Deleted Evaluation

  • If you want to keep a deleted Evaluation click on the Evaluation and change the Manage Deleted Status from Yes to No.
  • Click the save button.
  • The Evaluation will now be active.
Summary Reports

NOTE: If the User answers all the questions on an Evaluation but does not submit the Evaluation, it is considered incomplete. The fact they have not submitted the Evaluation means that they are still free to go back and change their answers. But these partial (unsubmitted) Evaluations will still be included in the summary data

  • Summary Reports: you will see columns with the following headings: Eval Type, Eval, Response Count, Evaluatee Count and Comp.
    • The Response Count, Evaluatee Cont and Comp columns all have clickable links.

NOTE: If you look at your Summary Evaluations, you will see the status of the Evaluations is either Completed or 'X% complete', where X is anything from 1% to 100%.

Response Count column

  • The Course Evaluation Summary displays each question plus the number and percentage of users that responded, along with each response choice.
  • This data is displayed in a pie chart.

NOTE: Download Arrow (in the upper right hand corner) allows you download a summary data file as a CSV or view a detailed report.

Evaluatee Count column

  • Evaluatee Count number: Will display a list of Users that have responded/completed their Evaluation and the number of Evaluations in which they have participated.

Comp column

  • Comp number: You will see an analysis of each question by the mean, standard deviation and total.
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