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Evaluation Types

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The following Evaluation Types are currently available in Leo:

  • Faculty evaluating the Course: To evaluate a Course a Faculty member must participate in the Course through an Event.  This Evaluation allows an instructor to evaluate the course.


  • Faculty evaluating Students: This Evaluation Type will show all scheduled Evaluations, in the current Course, for Faculty evaluating Students. This type of Evaluation does not show Evaluations for Clinical Faculty to complete.


  • Students evaluating Faculty: This Evaluation facilitates Student evaluating Faculty based on their interaction in standard Events in a given course for a given time period. Using the schedule, the system will match Students up with the Faculty who have instructed them. This Evaluation Type also has an option to filter Events by Event Type, so that you generate evaluations for labs, etc., while filtering out other Event Types.


  • Students evaluating the Course: This Evaluation Type is used to manage Course specific Evaluations. These are Evaluations that evaluate the Course itself rather than any specific Student, Faculty or Event.  You have the ability to create multiple Course specific Evaluations. 


  • Students evaluating Students: This Evaluation Type allows Student's to evaluate other Students. This Evaluation Type can be linked at the Course or Event level. These Evaluations are based on Small Group Sets, such as: TBL groups, lab groups, and PBL groups. Each User in each Group will evaluate all of the other group members.


  • Peer Evaluations: Peer Evaluations are based on a questions regarding the efficacy of Students in a Group by another Student within that Group. You have the ability to create more complex Peer Evaluations (Student of Student) than in the standard evaluation system. The benefit of the Peer Evaluation option is that it can be created very quickly at the Event Level.


  • Clinical Faculty evaluating Students: Unlike Evaluations based on participation in a Course or Event, the Faculty for this evaluation are not drawn from the standard Faculty Group for the Course. Instead, the Clinical Faculty option in the Course Screen Groups & Users menu is used to manage the list of Faculty who will participate in these evaluations. This type of evaluation does not show evaluations for Standard Faculty to complete. Therefore these Evaluations are Bulk Evaluations, where all available Evaluators and Evaluatees can evaluate each other.


  • On-demand Evaluations: Leo allows your Students and Faculty to request Evaluations or complete Evaluations right from their Eval Portal. On-Demand Evaluations are configured at the Course Section Level ensuring that Course Administrators control which Evaluations can be requested or completed by Students and Faculty in their Course.

    We are continually creating new Evaluation Types - if there is one you do not see here that you need, please let us know!
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