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Manage Events

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This report will list all Events in your current Course and allow you to edit and manage the Events.

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Events > Manage Events

manage events
All Events
Manage events
  • Date: Edit Date
  • From and To: Edit Time Range
  • *: In the Account Manager, if you have enabled Show an asterisk to flag Events in conflict , then the * Column will show * for those Events which are in conflict.
  • Event: View the Event Screen
  • View: View the Event
  • Edit: Edit the Event
  • Event Type: Edit Event Type from dropdown
  • Location: Edit Location from dropdown
  • Instructor: Edit Instructor lets you define the Primary Instructor and manage FCT options for all Instructors
  • Docs: Number of documents and materials uploaded to the Event
  • VM: The number of Virtual Microscopy images linked to the Event
  • G/O: The total number of Goals and Objectives linked to the Event (either from being mapped directly to the Event and/or from being mapped to the Session Objectives in the Event)
  • S/O: The number of Session Objectives in the Event
  • Tst: Edit Exams for this Event
  • G#: Edit Groups for this Event
New Event

An Event consists of students and faculty meeting (physically or on-line) at a specific location, date, and time.  An Event that does meet these criteria should be a Long Event.

Some fields in the Event are required (*). Other fields are optional and may be excluded from the input screen based on how your System Administrators have configured your system.

If your Event is part of a Linked Event then certain fields will be locked, as those fields are controlled by Linked Event System. These fields will be marked with a red border.

After creating your Event, you will be prompted to enroll Students and choose your Faculty members for the Event.


There are many different filter options that can be applied to this report. These filter options will change what is shown to you. The two main filter options are the Category Filter and Event Type Filter. The title of the report will indicate what filter(s) are in use.

This option lets you filter the list of Events by:

  •  Event Type
  •  Location
  •  Category (Deleted, No Students, Mandatory, Conflicts and etc.)
  •  Theme
  •  Begin Date
  •  End Date
  •  No Students - only show Events that have no student enrollment.

The report will then filter the Events based on your filter settings.  The filter status will be displayed in the title of the report.

NOTE: It is possible to select multiple filters that result in no Events being displayed.

NOTE: Using the No Students option will make the report run significantly slower.

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