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Gradebook Access

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Gradebook Access will let you assign a User access rights to the Exams and the Gradebook in the current Course. 

While you can choose any User for this option, the Admin must have Administrative Access in the Course and/or Event. This access is what lets Users see the actual menu items to access the Exam and Gradebook functions.

If the Gradebook Security option has been activated in the Account Manager settings, then this option will let these Admin Level Users access Exams and Student folders to see grade information.  It does not give access to the Gradebook, it is read-only access. For more information refer to Account Manager: Gradebook > Gradebook Security

Path: Home > Courses> [Course Screen] > Assessment > Gradebook Access

  1. Add New User: You can add a single User.
  2. Bulk Assign View Access: You can bulk assign Users with View only access.
  3. Bulk Assign Admin Access: You can bulk assign Users with Admin access.

Add new User

  1. User: You can search for existing Users who are designated as Faculty/Course Directors.
  2. Access: You can determine whether the person selected must have View access or Admin privileges.
  3. Click Save Record.

Bulk Assign - View/Admin

The process for bulk assigning Users with View Only and Admin Access is the same.

For the purpose of this explanation we are reviewing the process for assigning View only access to new Users.

View Only
  1. Available Faculty: Click on the User's name on the left, Available Faculty, to move it to the right, Selected Faculty.
  2. Save and Exit Screen: Click on the box on the top right-hand corner.

To learn more about Course and Event Grader set up and access, please refer to the Grader Overview Article

Should you have specific Gradebook settings setup for the Program level in Account Manager, this workflow and who has access could appear different. Please refer to the Account Manager Gradebook settings article for more information. 

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