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Mapping: S/O Template

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Path: Courses > [Select Course] > Mapping > S/O Template

The purpose of this report is to provide you with a template that can be used to import Session Objectives for a given Course.

To use this report as a template, follow these steps:

  1. Download this report and save it as a CSV file
  2. Do not change the fields that came with the report. They are required for the import routine to work correctly.
  3. Columns A-E will be pre-populated. Do not change these columns.
  4. Enter your Session Objectives starting at column F.
    1. Each session objective requires its own cell.
    2. You can enter as many Session Objectives as you want.

When you have completed filling in the template, go to the Session Objective import option at:

Path: Courses > [Select Course] > Import > Session Objectives > Upload Your File

Upload your completed template here and then follow the instructions to complete the import procedure.

This report will also contain any existing Session Objectives.

NOTE: Access to the import option may be restricted. You may have to contact your System Administrator to complete the actual upload.

NOTE: The System will determine the Course for this import based on the Event IDs in the report. Do not add Events to the list. If they are not from the current Course the entries will be ignored.

TIP: When copying content into the .cvs template use Ctrl+Alt+V to remove any formatting from the source file.

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