Mapping Objectives as Student-Faculty

Occasionally, you may have instances where an upper-class Student is assisting in a Course and is performing actions that only a Faculty member would be allowed to do. In these cases, you can add a Student as a Faculty member to a single Course without changing their access to other Courses in the System (you won't be changing their Role in the system). The Student will be able to help in the mapping of Objectives in their assigned Course.

TIP: A Student will be able to map Themes and Default Course Objectives from the Course screen level.

NOTE: In order to allow this kind of access, a System Administrator or Super User will first need to enable the Student-Faculty option in the Account Manager. For more information, see our article on Account Manager: User Management.

Course Level

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Mapping Tab > Default Course Objectives

Select Objectives

  • Select the objectives by clicking the links in the Available Objectives column, which moves them to the Selected Objectives column on the right.
  • Objectives can also be de-selected by clicking the links in the left column.
  • Click the small square icon in the top-right corner to save and exit.

Course G&O Check

The Objectives Assigned at the Course Level Report shows all Goals and Objectives that have been mapped to Events within the current Course.

Event Level

Path: Course Screen >  Events > Manage Events > [Select Event] >Mapping Tab


Path: Calendar > Event > Mapping Tab

Event Screen Mapping

From the Event, Student-Faculty will be able to map:

  • Objectives, Session Objectives, Diagnosis, Procedures, Core Problems, Proficiencies, Instructional Methods, Assessment Methods, Resources and Themes.