• Discussions can be used in any Course and can be initiated by Course Directors, Course Coordinators, Faculty, or Students assigned to a Course.
  • If a Discussion is set as Public, any user that can open and view the Event Screen can join and comment in the Discussion.
  • Non-public (or Private) Discussions have a defined set of users that can access the Discussion.
  • The Discussion email notification option only works with Private Discussions.
  • In order to reduce the list of participants for a private Discussion, schedule Discussions from a Small Group Event.
  • A Discussions can be deleted by the author of the Discussion (except Students) or any other Admin-level User of the system.

Path: Home > Courses > [Select Course] >  Discussions > New Discussion

New Discussion

This screen allows you manage the Discussion settings, which include:

  • The title (*) of the Discussion, is not a unique field, but you are encouraged to make your Discussion name distinctive. TIP: 'Discussion' is not a good name.
  • Public: If a Discussion is public then any user that can get to the info screen can join the Discussion. Non-public (private) Discussions have a defined set of users who can access the Discussion.

NOTE: If this is a private (non-public) Discussion, then this where you can assign the Exam that will be use by Faculty to evaluate Students. The Exam can only contain multiple choice questions.

Until you create a Top Level Post nobody will be notified that there is a new Discussion. If you want others to participate in your Discussion, you need to create a Top Level Post after the initial set up of the Discussion.

Event Discussions

This report shows all of the active Discussions for the current Course.


You can click on any Discussion to open it and take part in the Discussion.

Some Discussions are locked down, and you will be given a warning message if you are not allowed access to the Discussion.