Mapping Tab Menu Overview

The Mapping tab shows a detailed report of how the content in this Course has been mapped to Objectives, competencies, clinical procedures and more.

Path: Courses > [Select Course]> Mapping Tab [down arrow] > Mapping Menu

  • Session Objectives: List of Session Objectives throughout the Course.
  • Course G&O: List of all Objectives linked directly to the Course via the Course Screen. Includes links to Event-Level Objectives as well
  • Event G&O: List of all Objectives linked to Events in this Course.
  • Core Competencies: List of all Core Competencies linked to the course via Events.
  • Set Proficiency: Set the proficiency level for each G&O linked to the Course.
  • Mapping Summary: The report shows the list of Objectives, Session Objectives Methodologies, etc., mapped to the Events in this Course and included options to manage the mapping from the report.
  • Event Mapping Detail: This generates an Excel file with detailed mapping information for all Events in the Course.
  • Exam G&O: This is a listing of G&O used in Exams for this Course.
  • Map Themes: You can map Themes at the Course Level, however, this is primarily used by Courses that have no Events.
  • Default Course Objectives: You can select the default Objectives for this Course and apply them to all Section in the same year.
  • S/O Template: This generates a template to facilitate the bulk import of Session Objectives into existing Events in a Course.
  • Migrate G&O Version: This will migrate all old mapped Objectives to the current Objective Version if the new and old Objectives names match. For more information, refer to G&O Migration Tool
  • Hidden Mapping: This displays the list of Events where mapping is being hidden from Students.