Calendar Feeds

  • Public subscriptions are convenient because they can update your Calendar.
  • There is no password protection; your Calendar information is technically open to the public.
  • To access your Calendar, other Users must know the specific URL, so your personal information is still protected.

 NOTE: Your institution might not allow the public subscription option.

Public Calendar Feeds
Profile Manager

From the Edit Profile page:

  • Copy the ICS URL link.
  • Set Enable Public Calendar Feed field to Yes.
  • Click Save Profile button.
Google Calendar Web Version
  • Open Google Calendar,
  • Click the + sign on Other Calendars.
  • Select From URL.

Sync Google Calendar

Sync Google Calendar Step 2
  • Paste the ICS calendar link into the URL field.
  • Click Add Calendar.
  • The Calendar is now synced with Google Calendar.
Apple Calendar
Apple Calendar Step 1
  • Open Apple Calendar.
  • Click File.
  • Select New Calendar Subscription.

Sync Apple Calendar

Sync Apple Calendar Step 2
  • Paste the ICS calendar link in the Calendar URL field.
  • Click Subscribe button.
  • The Calendar is now synced with Apple Calendar.
iOS Calendar
iOS Calendar
  • Click on the Settings App.
  • Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Click Add Account.

Add Subscribed Calendar

Add Subscribed Calendar Step 2
  • Click Other.
  • Select Add Subscribed Calendar.
  • Paste the ICS calendar link in the Server field.
  • The Calendar is now synced with iOS calendar.
  • CalDAV provides password protection for calendar data.
  • Only clients that support CalDAV will be able to sync the Calendar (this includes the Apple Calendar program).

Profile Manager

Profile Manager
  • Copy the CalDAV Server Address.
CalDAV for Apple Calendar
Apple Calendar
  • Open Apple Calendar.
  • Click Calendar.
  • Select Add Account.

Add CalDAV

Step 3: Add CalDAV
  • Select Add CalDAV Account.
  • Click Continue.
CalDAV for iOS
CalDAV for iOS
  • Click the Settings App.
  • Click Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Select Add Account.

Add CalDAV Account

CalDAV Account Step 2
  • Click Other.
  • Choose Add CalDAV Account.

Add the System User Data

LCMS+ User Data Step 3
  • Enter the System Account User info.
  • Paste the CalDAV server address in the Server Address field.
  • Click Create to add the calendar.
  • The Calendar is now synced with iOS Calendar.
CalDAV for Android
  • Caldav Sync Free Beta is a free CalDAV sync tool for Android that has been tested to work with the System.
  • Once installed, select Account Settings > Add account > CalDAV Sync Adapter.  
  • Enter the System Account User info.  
  • Paste the the System CalDAV server address.

NOTE: CalDAV Sync is another option and costs about $3. It has not yet been tested with the System.

ICS File Export/Import
  • The ICS file export allows Users to download password-protected calendar data to be imported into a client such as Apple or Google calendars.
  • ICS export cannot be subscribed to in most clients. 
  • To refresh the Calendar an export is downloaded and imported to the calendar client each time.

Remember: to use the password-protected ICS file export, always use your the System password.

Edit Profile

  • Click the ICS URL link to export and download Calendar data.

NOTE: Depending on the browser, rename the file to end in “.ics”.

New Calendar Subscription for Apple
  • Click File.
  • Select New Calendar Subscription.
  • Then Import again.
  • Enter the URL of the the System Calendar you want to subscribe to.
  • Click Subscribe to complete the connection process.
Import to Apple Calendar
Import to Apple Calendar
  • Click File.
  • Select Import.
  • Then Import again.
  • Select the downloaded calendar data file.
  • Choose the destination calendar on the computer.
  • Click OK.
Import to Google Calendar
Step 2: Import to Google Calendar
  • Click Other Calendars.
  • Select Import Calendar.
Import to Google
Step 3: Import to Google
  • From the Import Calendar dialog select the downloaded Calendar data file.
  • Select the destination calendar.
  • Click Import.

NOTE: Here are some tips from Google that might also be helpful.

Import to Android
  • Google Calendar for Android is available on the Google Play Store.
  • Importing the System Calendar data through the web-based Google Calendar App will sync on an Android device.