Re-Open Evaluations

Should a User submit an Evaluation and need to make changes to the information, Super Users will have the ability to Re-Open the Evaluation to allow the User the ability to make revisions.

This article provides steps on how to properly Re-open a Course or Event Evaluation that has not been Approved by the Evaluator of Record at the Course Template Level.

Note: This option must be enabled under the Account Manager prior to being used. To learn more about how to enable the Re-Opening of completed Evaluations feature refer to the Account Manager > Evaluation Settings Article

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Assessment > Evaluations > All Active Evaluations

All Active Evaluation

Click on the Evaluation that need to be Re-opened

Done Column: Click on the number under the Done column

  • Click on the Re-Open link for the specific User who needs to modify or finish the Evaluation.

When Re-Opening an Evaluation you will receive a pop-up asking if you would like to have the Evaluator make changes and re-submit this evaluation.

  • If you are sure you would like to Re-open the Evaluation for the Evaluator, click Yes.

When you Re-Open an Evaluation the data completed prior to the User submitting will remain intact. Any additions or modification to the Evaluation record can be made until the User resubmits the Evaluation.

The Evaluation has now successfully been Re-opened and will be removed from the Completed Evaluation List and placed now in the list of Open Evaluations.