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Upload/Import Spreadsheet of Grades into the Gradebook


This article will show you how to upload/import a spreadsheet of grades into the Gradebook.

Step 1: Setting up spreadsheet headers
Step 1: Setting up spreadsheet headers
  • Row 1 should be for column headers only.
  • Header column names are: UserID. Score, and Comments.
  • Input data staring in Row 2.

NOTE: The Score and Comments columns are optional. The spreadsheet will still upload correctly if these fields are left blank - it will indicate that no grade/comment has been recorded yet.

Step 2: Prepare your spreadsheet for import

When you are ready to upload, ensure that the spreadsheet is in .csv format.

NOTE: Your spreadsheet must be in .csv format in order for the system to accept it. If you are using Microsoft Excel, click File, select Save As..., then select .csv from the Save as type: drop-down menu.

Step 3: Course Screen

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Assessment > Gradebook

Step 3: Course Screen
Step 4: Locate Assignment
  1. Locate the assignment for which you would like to import grades.
  2. Click the download icon.
Step 5: Select User ID Source
Step 5: Select User ID Source

Review the description on this screen to make sure you have followed the steps correctly.

  1. The User ID Source field is used to indicate what type of ID you will be using for the students in your spreadsheet. For example, if you have opted to use netID's for your spreadsheet, then be sure to select netID from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click Import Scores to import your spreadsheet.
Step 6: Browse for csv file
Step 6: Browse for csv file
  • Click Choose Files and browse for the saved .csv file.
Step 7: Preview the import
Step 7: Preview the import
  • User ID Source: Check to make sure Leo has correctly identified the student names based on their ID, and make sure each corresponding score is accurate.
  • Click the box at the bottom of the screen to import the scores into the Gradebook.
  • Click the Click here to continue link to complete the process.

NOTE: You can always click individual scores in the Gradebook to edit them, even after you have uploaded a spreadsheet of scores.

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