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Materials Menu

Manage Uploads

This report is used to manage the content for your Event. Content/Materials, in this context, consists of:

  • Single or Multiple file electronic documents uploaded to Leo
  • Links to external (or internal) web sites
  • Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)

For more information, refer to Faculty: Upload Materials or refer to Faculty: Upload Event Materials

For more information on uploading Event Materials, please refer to the article Adding documents/materials to the Event Level.  

Assignments > Student Assignments

This report displays a list of all Assignments that have been linked to this Event.

From this screen you can select Options and:

  • Create new Assignments
  • Review existing Assignments
  • Review deleted Assignments

For more detail, refer to Section: Student Assignments Overview

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Content

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) allows faculty  to seamlessly integrate learning applications into their Courses/Events. This report displays Resource Links to all of your Event or Course content which is hosted by an LTI Provider

You can manage the links to the content for one of these external systems here. The nature of what can be controlled in this screen is dependent upon the capabilities that have been enabled between Leo and the Provider's system.

NOTE: As we integrate with each Provider, we take this into account and have modified the interface appropriately to allow you to quickly set up LTI links.

For further detail, refer to Materials: LTI Links

Virtual Microscopy (VM)

Virtual Microscopy (VM) is a method of posting whole slide microscope images on, and transmitting them over, computer networks. This allows independent viewing of a microscope slide by large numbers of people in diverse locations.

This report lets you manage the VM files linked to a Learning Object such as an Event, Course, or Long Event.

  • You can add new Slides
  • Remove slides
  • Modify VM links to providers

The links will then appear as content in the info screen for the Course, Event, or Long Event. For further detail, refer to Materials: Virtual Microscopy

Other Course Documents

This option will show all documents used elsewhere in the Course. You can copy the documents into the current Event by clicking on the document.

You can use the Deleted option to review all deleted documents in the Course that are not linked to the current learning object.

Documents for Students

This report shows a list of all the active documents for the current Event that have been uploaded to individual Students. This is primarily used to return graded assignments or for feedback to Students. Once uploaded, the student will have access to this document.

  • Documents for this Event: Click on the link for a User to review and/or upload a document for that Student.