Faculty: Upload Event Materials

This screen is used to manage the materials for your Event. Materials, in this context, consists of:

  • Electronic document/s uploaded to the System (Multi File or Single)
  • SCORM content (Surveys or quizzes made from Captivate, Articulate, Presenter or other software)
  • Links to external (or internal) web sites

Faculty Uploading Materials

From the Event Screen, use either method to upload materials.

  1. Materials Tab > Manage Uploads
  2. Upload icon

Material Management Screen

  1. Use the Materials Management Screen Menu items to upload Event materials/content
  2. Use the Column headings links to further define your materials.

(1) Content Menu

  • Multi File Upload: Upload multiple files at one time.
  • Add File: Upload an individual file
  • Add SCORM: Quiz creating software. Save the file to a SCORM 1.2 zip file for importing to Leo.
  • Add Web Link: Directly link URL's to your Event materials.
  • Deleted: Switches the view to deleted content records
  • Categories: Lets you create new categories or update categories that you authored
  • Import: Links to the Curriculum Link utility to use content from other Events and courses
  • Restricted: Show all possible restrictions to access, such as date, time, etc
  • Authors: A report detailing the authors and uploaders of the content with an option to update the author and uploader
  • Close: Closes the screen.

(2) Content Column Headers

  • Name (Edit): Edit the document's name
  • Category: Group together related documents within the Event under a title or heading
  • Seq #: Defines the order in which a document will be displayed within a category. If two or more documents have the same  sequence then they will be sorted by their title.
  • FO: Faculty Only documents, hidden from Students.
  • View: Displays icon based on document format. Click on the icon to download the file. Hover over the icon to see doc title.
  • Scores: Shows if there are scores returned by SCORM content
  • DEL: Delete a document
  • Supp: Supplemental materials
  • Shared: Check here to share with a linked Event.
  • History: Click here to view a history of downloads, and to see which Students have not yet viewed the content.
  • G&O: The number program objectives linked to the content record.
  • Author: The number of authors assigned to the content.
  • Group: The number of access groups assigned. If no access  groups are assigned then normal access rules apply. If access groups are  assigned then only users in the assigned groups will have access to the  content.
Multiple File Upload
  • Begin typing the author's name (this field is optional)
  • Used the Shared Document check box to share with another Linked Event.
  • Check if this is a Faculty Only document
  • Set Time Restrictions, Date Range and Event Time if applicable.
  • Continue to file upload.

Browse for Files


Define materials

The most commonly used columns are category and sequence #.

Single File or SCORM Upload

Click Add File or Add SCROM to add a single file or a SCORM file to the Event's Materials.

Browse for File

Step 3A: Click 'Choose File' to select a file from your computer
  • Select File: Browse for the File
  • Title will be displayed to Students in their materials list. Adding a title will not change the file name.
  • Save File
  • Shared Document: If the file is to be shared with another Event put a check in the box.
  • Advanced Options: See image below

Best Practices Tip: Since materials/documents are included in search results, it is a good idea to preface the title of the document with a course-identifying abbreviation (ex. GYNO-100 Student Manual). When search results are read, a user can immediately know what Course the document is from.

Upload conformation

Step 3B: Upload more files or continue back to the 'Materials Management' screen
  • You can return to the Manage Uploads screen by clicking Your upload was successful - click to exit.
  • Or choose to upload another file by selecting Click here to Upload another document.