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Event Assessment Menu

Manual Grading

This report will show you all of the Exams linked to the current Info Screen (Course or Event) that require grading.

The report will show a count of the unstructured questions in each Exam that require grading and a count of the number of Students who still have at least one ungraded response.


If this report is empty, there there is no manual grading required. This may change as new Exams are added or Students answer questions in existing Exams.


For more detailed information on Evaluations, please see Event Evaluations Overview

Event Evaluation

There are several types of Evaluations available in Leo. Below are the Evaluations that are currently available. We are continually creating new Evaluation types - if there is one you do not see here that you need, please let us know!

For additional information please refer to the article on Event Evaluations: Evaluation Screen Overview.

Peer Evaluations

For more information on Peer Evaluations, please refer to the Event Evaluations: Peer Evaluations article.

Most faculty have a security level of 40; for this peer Evaluation one would need a security level of 50.

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