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Faculty: Assessments > Linked Events Manage Exams

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Path: Linked Event Screen > Assessment > Exams > Manage Exams

To set up access to the Exam for Linked Events, click into the Access? column by clicking the NO link.

Then select Options > Add Group or Add User

  • Add Group: allows you to specify when an exam will be made available to students based on their membership in a group. 
  • Add User: allows you to specify when an exam will be made available to a specified student. 
  • Using either Exam access setup, you have the option to specify a custom exam duration for that instance of the Exam.

The Access Time screen lets you specify access time to an Exam and (optionally) the feedback for the Exam. To finish setting up the Exam you will need to provide access by completing the options below:

  • Start Date (*): Beginning date for access
  • Start Time (*): Beginning time for access
  • Expire Date (*): Ending date for access
  • Expire Time (*): Ending time for access
  • Staggered: If this flag is set, each Student will be required to wait between 10 to 60 seconds to gain access to the Exam. Their clock will start after the staggered start. This will not affect the total amount of time the student has to take the exam. The purpose of the stagger is to ensure that the server and/or network is not overwhelmed.
  • Exam Duration (min): This defines the duration of the exam (i.e. the amount of time granted to the student to take the exam once the exam starts). If no value is set, then students will have unlimited time to complete the Exam within the date/time constraints you set above.NOTE: If the end of the duration is after the End Time, then the duration will be shortened.

The next two fields allow you to enable re-takes on the exam:

  • Max Submissions: The maximum number of times that the Exam can be taken by Student. The default is 1 (one).
  • Erase on Retake: If set to YES, more than one submission is allowed, this flag will reset the Student's results on each retake. The default is NO.
  • Feedback Days: The number of days to display a feedback link for the Exam on the source Course or Event screen.

NOTE: the next four settings override Feedback Days

  • Feedback begin date: Begin date for displaying a feedback link for the Exam.
  • Feedback begin time: Begin time to start displaying feedback on the begin date.
  • Feedback end date: Ending date for displaying feedback.
  • Feedback end time: Ending time to display feedback on the end date.

These options will display an announcement and/or reminder alerting students about the exam:

  • Reminder Day: Number of days before the Exam to display a reminder.
  • Announcement Days: Number of days before the Exam to create an announcement for the Exam.

Once all required parameters have been entered, click Save

Note: When creating a new Exam access time for a Group in a Linked Event Set, a copy of the access time will be saved to the other Linked Events in the Set.

Monitoring Exams in Linked Events

NOTE: If your school is using strict Gradebook security then some options will not be available, or will display but not open links to detailed information. Specifically, if Gradebook security is on and you have not been granted Admin or viewing rights then:

  • The link to the detailed list of Student answers will not be available
  • The real-time monitor will be disabled

To monitor the current Exams you have two options:

  1. Viewing the individual Event Exam progress
  2. Viewing all of the Linked Event Exam progress

Path: Linked Event > Assessment > Exams > Monitor Exam > [Select Exam]

Select the Exam(s) that you want to monitor. You can monitor one Exam or monitor all Exams in All Linked Events.

Exam Monitoring Report

This screen allows you to monitor the progress of an Exam as it happens in real-time, and to easily review the results.

The following data is tracked and/or available through this screen:

  • Total Students: The number of students eligible to take the Exam
  • Not Started: The number of students have not started
  • Total Working: The number of students actually taking the exam (or who never finished/submitted)
  • Total Finished: The number of students who have completed all of the questions on the Exam
  • Total Submitted: The number of students who have submitted the Exam
  • All Students: In the column on the lower left is a list of all students
    • When your mouse hovers over the name of any student, the details for that student will be displayed.
  • Individual Student Details: In the right lower half of the screen, the details for the selected student are shown:
    • The Student's full name
    • Any documents the student has submitted. You can click on the student's documents to download them
    • The number of questions the student has answered. You can click on the score to get a detailed report and a PDF summary.

Icons for Real Time Monitoring

  • Detail Histogram: This feature can be accessed by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner of the screen. A grid will be displayed having Students on the y-axis, and questions on the x-axis. Each cell will have a color:
    • Beige: No answer
    • Green: Correct Answer
    • Red: Incorrect Answer
  • Refresh Screen: Click to refresh the Exam Monitor screen
  • Grade Status Info: This will tell you your status, such as Faculty, Admin
  • Question: Inline help for this screen
  • Close: Close and exit the screen
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