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Event Evaluation: Reports

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Path: Calendar > Event > Assessment > Evaluations > Event Evaluations > Reports > [Select Report]

All Active Evaluations
  • This report shows all of the active Evaluations linked to the current Course at the Course or Event level that have Users assigned to the Evaluation.
  • You can click on any Evaluation in the list and the Evaluation Manager screen for that Evaluation Type and link will be displayed.
  • This means that if you click on a Self Evaluation linked to a given Event, the Self Evaluation management report for that Event will be opened.

Use the link for Assigned to see all Evaluations linked to this Course, including those Evaluations where Users have yet to be assigned.

Summary Reports

This report shows a list of all the Evaluations created for this Course.  The report is sorted by Evaluation Type and then by the Evaluation name.

These are the values presented for each Evaluation:

  • Response Count: The total number of responses for the Evaluation. Click on this number for a summary of all results for the Evaluation
  • Evaluatee Count: The number individuals evaluated. Click on this number to get results for the individuals evaluated
  • Eval Link Count: The number of times this Evaluation has been used
  • Comp: To run a comparison report with other campuses
Eval Reminder Reports

This screen lets you enter the parameters for the Evaluation Email Log, which will show a detailed history of emails sent by the Evaluation System.

  • Program (*): Click the chevron to select the Program
  • Begin date (*): Input Date
  • End date (*): Input date
  • Specific User (optional): Type in the User's name
  • Course:

NOTE: When you search for a Course, Leo will actually search Course Templates, and then provide a list of Sections for that Course

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