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Event Evaluations: Manage Users and Messages

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Path: Calendar > Event > Assessment > Evaluations > Event Evaluations > Manage Users and Messages

Manage Students or Instructors

This report displays a list of all the active Evaluations of or for the current Users in the Course. This report can show information for Student or Faculty.

The title of the report will specify which Group is being reviewed.

The following are required for an evaluation to be considered active:

  •  The Evaluation cannot be deleted
  •  The current date must be within the active date range for the Evaluation
  •  The Evaluation cannot have been submitted. However, it is still active if it is currently being filled in by participants
  •  The Evaluation cannot have been used in a Summary Evaluation

Summary Menu options:

  • Eval Manager: Takes you back to main Evaluation selections
  • NYA: This is a summary listing of Evaluations that are for and of specific Uses in the current Course which are not yet available
  • Completed: This report is a list of completed Evaluations
  • Expired: This report shows a summary listing of expired Evaluations for and of the specified set of Users
  • Deleted: List of deleted Evaluations


Course Message

This message will replace the default message that accompanies an email notification for an Evaluation.  

NOTE: If this is a multiple Section/Rotation Course, you will need to create a message for each Rotation or roll over the Evaluation message from Rotation to Rotation.

  • For your convenience, below the text of your email, a link to the Evaluation will be automatically inserted.
  • Please note that you can send a test email that will go to you and let you see what your email will look like.
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